ebm-papst founder Gerhard Sturm honoured with Diesel Medal

Entrepreneur Gerhard Sturm, founder and former Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors of the ebm-papst group, was honoured with the Gold Diesel Medal on 22nd October.

In memory of Rudolf Diesel, the inventor whose engine made the world mobile, the prize is considered the highest distinction for inventors whose success has contributed to the welfare of society. In addition to the technical brilliance, the Diesel Medal also stands for the relevance of the prize winner to his or her national economy.

Sturm recognised that the external rotor motor was ideally suited as a fan drive and implemented this vision consistently. Over 45 years, he built ebm-papst from a 35-person operation to a global company with over 10,000 employees and turnover of over 1 billion EUR.

Throughout it all, the ongoing technical development of the products remained the honoree's great priority – as proved by the many patents that bear his name.

In his laudatory address, Dr. Manfred Wittenstein, President of the VDMA (German Mechanical and Plant Engineering Association) and Chairman of the Board of Wittenstein AG, described Sturm as a forward-looking engineer who knew every last nook and cranny of his company – where he not only contributed hands-on advice, but also actively contributed. With focus on technological peak performance combined with a powerful corporate culture, Sturm created a global company. Despite being at its centre, he always considered himself the company's foremost servant.

In a ceremony in the Hall of Honour of the German Museum in Munich, Sturm received the distinction from Prof. Dulger and Prof. Haugg. With the award from the Curatorium of the German Institute for Inventions, Sturm takes his place with great German personalities and prize winners such as Claudius Dornier, Gottlieb Bauknecht, Wernher von Braun, Hans Viessmann and Felix Wankel.

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