Cost-effective, reliable. scalable: Brush motors can be used universally

Demand is high for cost-effective, small, compact motors with well thought-out accessories. Whether in automation, handling technology, or textile and printing industries, economical drive solutions are always in demand. Direct current motors with brush commutation find many areas of application here.

Thanks to simple activation, easy change of rotation direction, and a wide range of speeds with low detent torque, they can be used universally. Robust drives in a variety of designs with minimal control overhead are popular today. With its BCI series, therefore, drive specialist ebm-papst of St. Georgen in Germany's Black Forest region offers a range of robust, simple brush motors with extensive accessories. Stepped motor sizes, optionally combined with flange-mounted gearboxes, motor brakes or sensor modules, offer the ideal drive unit for practically every purpose.

Robust motors
A modern anchor design in the permanently excited motors with an 8 or 12-piece commutator and special carbon brushes guarantees durable, trouble-free operation. The drives come with good EMC protection; an optional additional motor suppressor can be installed on the PCB board for special requirements. The high-quality precision ball bearings with long-term lubrication are protected against penetration of coal dust. A gearbox output shaft stepped on both sides, together with the special bearing, secures the anchor from excessive axial loads. The galvanized motor housing, in connection with the die-cast zinc bearing flanges, is likewise highly resistant to high mechanical loads as well as corrosion. Universal installation holes in several pitch circle diameters ensure flexible installation.

The extended motor series (image) consists of three series. The dimensions of the drives vary in length and diameter. The smallest has a diameter of 42 mm and a length of 70 or 85 mm, with an output of 14 W or 19 W. Its bigger brother has a diameter of 52 mm and a length of 95 or 125 mm with 41 W or 61 W output power. The biggest in the bunch has a diameter of 60 mm and a length of 95 mm, 52 W or 100 W at 125 mm. All motors are available in designs for rated voltages of 12, 24, 40, and 60 V DC. They are designed according to VDE 0530 in Insulation class B and offer the IP40 system of protection, optionally also higher.

Complete drive package
All motor variants can also be ordered complete with a suitable gearbox, brake, or sensors. The system range includes magnetic impulse transmitters and opto-electronic 2-channel shaft encoders with up to 2048 increments/revolution. The compact single-disk motor brake functions as a spring brake. This guarantees a reliable stop when there is a power failure. Spur, planetary, and worm gear units tuned to the motors' performance characteristics provide for stepped speed reduction and higher torque. The robust gearboxes also have die-cast zinc housings. With an installation depth of only 27 mm, the flat-design spur gear units are optimized for a short installation length; with an installation depth of 40 mm, the Compactline design offers an extended reduction range from 18:1 to 432:1 at a torque of up to 15 Nm. The planetary gears in single and double-stage version allow for reductions from 9:1 to 204:1 at a torque of up to 16.5 Nm. Worm gear units are ideal for redirecting power by 90°. Reductions from 3:1 to 75:1 are possible. All gearboxes, just like the motors, are designed for a maintenance-free service life of 3000 operating hours at the rated load.

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