Development partnerships with shared benefits

The centralized location of epAD USA in the middle of the North America's automotive industry gives us the ability to collaborate in the design and development of automotive applications directly on location.

While doing so, epAD USA can access to the knowledge bases of all ebm-papst research and development departments throughout the world and take advantage of synergies for the North American market.

The benefits of the cooperative collaboration are equally great for all involved. We deliver state-of-the-art technologies of the air technology and drive engineering fields from Germany's automotive manufacturing market to the NAFTA region, where we can jointly develop new solutions and innovations to market-readiness in cooperation with 1st Tiers and OEMs in the US, Canada and Mexico. Platform modules of the air technology and drive engineering fields, which have already been tried and tested, are quickly and easily integrated into new application fields.

Our team is made up of four top-motivated members:

Mark Hill
Managing Director
T: +1 (313) 406-8080
F: +1 (313) 406-8081

Oliver Baier
Director of Sales & Marketing
T: +1 (313 ) 406.8080
F: +1 (313 ) 406.8081
C:+1 (313) 510 9300

Kimberly Beverly
Logistics Amdinistrator / Customer Service
Phone: +1 313.406.8080 ext.3
Fax: +1 313.406.8081

Craig Kovaric
Senior Sales Engineer
Industrial Drives
P: +1 313.406.8080, x 4
F: +1 313.406.8081
C: +1 248.633.5558

David McChesney
Sales Engineer
P: +1 313.406.8080 x 5
F: +1 313.406.8081
C: +1 313.421.6433

Patrick Bell
Application Engineer
Automotive & Industrial Drives